Do I Need a Website for my Business? Yes, Now More Than Ever

Apr 15, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Website

Regardless of the industry, these days a website is a necessity for your business. The world no longer relies on phone books and newspapers to find what they’re looking for. As early as 2011, 59% of consumers primarily used the internet to find local businesses. That number has jumped to over 97% since then, completely changing how you reach your customers.

Why You Need a Website For Your Business

Online Presence

Your online presence can be the determining factor for an entirely new source of customer acquisition. Don’t think just being on social media is enough. According to Connected Small Businesses in The United States, at least 30% of consumers won’t consider a business without a website. With 97% of consumers going online to find and research businesses before making a purchase, the lack of a website can really take a bite out of the sales you could be seeing.

Your online presence can also mean the difference between you and your direct competitors. Whatever your industry is, people are online right now searching for what you’re selling. With a strong online presence securing you higher spots in search results, you can achieve a huge advantage on your competitors.

Additional Revenue Source

Sure, your brick and mortar source might be doing great. However, having additional income from an eCommerce side of your business can really save the day. Right now, we’re going through a global pandemic. Many businesses are forced to lock their doors to the public, putting many out of business. Restaurants, shops, and many other businesses are forced to rely on eCommerce to stay afloat.

With many turning to online marketplaces such as Amazon and Uber Eats, people are starting to see the downfalls of those avenues. Online marketplaces impose fees and restrictions that make selling online harder and less profitable. Why compete for less profit when you could have your own online shop tailored to how you do business?

Easy Communication

A website can make communicating with your customers much easier. Whether you’re looking to communicate your message, answer commonly asked questions, or engage with your customers directly: your website can do it. People visiting your website want to do something or know something as quickly as possible. It’s important that within three seconds of landing on your website, they know three things: Who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you. We live in an age of instant gratification. Therefore, when a consumer comes looking for something, they need to be able to find it without looking very hard.

For example, our website’s homepage answers these without you needing to scroll:

Why you need a website for your business: easy communication

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