Data Equals Results

Marketing has become a web of confusion for most. From websites, social platforms, AdWords to understanding data. An influx of data is common but are you seeing an influx of customers? Date equals results and when you can define those measures you are on the right track to grow your business, fast!

Businesses all over the world have become overwhelmed when it comes to what actually creates customers. There is no simple answer, what works for real-estate won’t work for hair salons. Don’t get overwhelmed by marketing phone calls with fear your business is going backward.

Here’s a checklist of what you should self-audit and look for.

  1. Target Audience
    1. What does your most common customer look like? Age, genders, habits.
    2. What do they do?
    3. How did they find your business?
    4. How do they interact?
    5. Do they live local?

If you can answer above, this will give you a much more clear idea of how to put your business in front of more “like-minded individuals”. Allowing you to spend where you should be.

Using an example of a hair salon that has 10,000 clients. The majority of the clients are between the ages of 28-45, working moms. Say this business spends $3000 a month on email campaigns and postcards, is that money well spent? Or would it benefit you to spend money on ads for Facebook to that exact audience?

So now you have your target audience and through all your compiled data you can run ads directly to them, utilizing your money to work more effectively. You can choose the best platform for marketing, know what areas to be in and go out and tell your companies story!

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