What defines a real marketing partner?

It’s 2018 and marketing agencies are everywhere. This is why it is more than ever important when choosing real marketing partners, you research. So many variables, just like your business come into factor when making a decision. Here’s a list of key factors you should take into consideration:

  • Website Builds:
    • Modern and Seo Optimized
    • SSL Certificate
    • Analytics you can see (Not what marketers want to show you)
    • Clean, fresh and mobile friendly
    • You own it, don’t fall victim to a company withholding your site
    • Maintained and updated when needed
    • Speed for loading
    • Organic content
  • Social Marketing
    • No robots, no auto-posting, no data they place on competitors sites
    • Authentic current strategies
    • Pictures that are clear and sized properly
    • Daily posts
    • Video Content
    • No redirects when posting an article (Taking your viewer to someone else’s website)
  • AdWords
    • You are a participant
    • Relevant placements
    • You see the results
  • Communication
    • They answer when you call or call you back
    • Work is completed to your specifications
    • Email communication is fast and efficient
    • Your account doesn’t get bounced around


Taking your time and searching some of their clients is a must when choosing anyone for marketing partners. Getting referrals and seeing where certain companies have started to where they’re now is extremely valuable. It’s hard making decisions and having minimal knowledge in the field when trying to grow your company. So the obvious solution before spending any money is to take your time and research. Our company was founded on communication, retention, showing value and informing our clients. Something the marketing world has been lacking for years.


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