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You need salespeople, but they need to stay

There’s a problem in the automotive industry… the average annual turnover rate is about 67 percent for salespeople.

But, why is that?

Throughout my time in the automotive industry, I learned the answer to that question:


The most essential part of your interaction with new hires is setting expectations and training an entrepreneur mindset.


So how can we help?


Recruiting & Vetting

The first step to reducing turnover is to start with the right candidates. We will recruit qualified and committed salespeople for your dealership and work as a team to vet their applications.



I will personally come to your dealership to properly train the expectations and entrepreneur mindset needed to ignite growth and reduce turnover in your automotive dealership.

Follow Up

I will continue to follow their progress and guide them to bring in their own customer leads, so you can rest assured they are truly committed automotive professionals.

Years of Automotive Sales Experience

Top Graduate

Trained from sales to service


Joseph Brader


Mr. Bennett is a very talented individual who is highly motivated. I truly haven’t meet or seen someone with a work ethic greater then Mr. Bennett. He is the definition of a true leader and not a typical boss. I have seen him perform at two different locations one as a General Manager and the other as a General Sales Manager.

Chris will perform duties and tasks out of his pay grade because he is a hands on individual. He is a team player who doesn’t care about labels. Chris Bennett’s main goal is to build a core team and a environment to produce.

People, Process and Product.

Salvatore Baldassano

Business Development Advisor

There’s no one better at training in the auto industry than you Chris! I would highly recommend anyone serious about getting their Dealership sales, gross and morale higher to contact Chris Bennett.

Carl-Henri Tassy

Sales & Management Professional

Chris Bennett has been hands down the most influential person that I’ve worked within the Automotive business. His foresight of this industry has clearer given him an edge in understanding how to market, how to build relations with financial institutions and his ability to target the needs of a dealerships profit centers to drive the numbers exponentially have been inspiring. I have learned so much from working directly with Chris and he is the model for how a Leader should run an organization.

Michael Erb

Senior Business Development Executive at Digital Air Strike

Chris Bennett is the person I would choose to walk into battle with. He is an intelligent, loyal and ethical team leader. I worked with Chris and watched Chris work and apply his skills to mold sales teams, develop and maintain great relationships with lenders, and bring dealerships up to speed with a strong blend of digital and traditional advertising. He is without doubt…a mover and a shaker in the industry.

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